Leadership quality measured like data

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Build a culture of effective leadership to boost productivity, retain top talent and reduce employee turnover

Uncover the true driving force behind employee satisfaction and productivity

02.11 - 24.11 Six Elements of Leadership 22 / 55
18.10 - 3.10 Remote Team Leadership 18 / 55 SEE RESULTS

Can you afford poor leadership?

There are both tangible and intangible implications. While tangible expenses may be calculated, illusive transaction costs are frequently greater and more damaging in the long term.


employees strongly agree that their manager involves them in goal setting


employees strongly agree that they are being motivated by their manager to do great work


exiting employees had not been asked about their their job satisfaction or future plans by their managers

Where does it save you money?

Prevent unwanted leaves

Reduces sickness rates

Avoid ineffective meetings

Data-driven leadership insights based on real feedback

We help you understand the data

Transforming feedback and data into actionable insights


How do we get the data?

VeeMind gathers data through concise, ready-made surveys that typically require under 10 minutes for completion.


Effective surveys

Empowered by a well-established leadership framework consisting of six core elements and 18 essential skillsets.

Individual assessment

Providing leaders with the opportunity to conduct both self-assessments and team assessments.

Easy to use

Minimal setup and input required, ensuring substantial impact for your leadership development initiatives.

Data tracking

Complete data security and confidentiality, with all information treated anonymously and securely.

No setup Little imput Big impact


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  • ONS, Sickness absence in the UK labour market, 2022
  • Gallup, This Fixable Problem Costs U.S. Businesses $1 Trillion
  • SHRM, 2017, Human-Capital-Benchmarking

Savings with Veemind

  • Turnover reduction by 1% from -%-

  • Sickness rate reduction by 1% -

  • Meeting length reduction by 20% -

  • Total savings -

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Companies who trust us

VeeMind Enterprise aligns seamlessly with Optimize Courier's aspirations for leadership development and employee engagement.
Canille Warde - HR Manager
The survey provided valuable insights for our managers and helped them identify leadership qualities for improvement.
Tobias Glück - Head of HR Rentschler

Time to improve your leadership

VeeMind Enterprise is an advanced leadership development software that measures leadership quality like data and visualizes it for analysis. It empowers organizations to build a culture of effective leadership, boosting productivity, retaining top talent, and reducing employee turnover.

Yes, VeeMind Enterprise is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes and industries

VeeMind identifies areas of improvement within leadership and contributes to lower sickness rates thanks to a healthier work environment & reduced turnover rates due to increased employee satisfaction

Absolutely! VeeMind provides dynamic and personalized suggestions for individual managers based on data insights, helping them continually enhance their leadership style.

Yes, VeeMind identifies high-performing groups, allowing organizations to recognize and celebrate successes. Simultaneously, it helps identify areas for improvement, providing valuable support to teams in need.

VeeMind makes creating and conducting leadership surveys easy and efficient. Simply set up surveys with minimal input, and the software will take care of the rest, utilizing a proven leadership framework.

Yes, VeeMind provides a proven template of 18 questions based on more than 10 years of experience in training and developing managers. We recommend that most companies use this template as a starting point.

We recommend running the survey every quarter and letting the teams fill the surveys within 7 days. However, the platform lets you run surveys at any frequency and with a range of durations

No, you can split your management team in any number of groups and run surveys independently for each group.

Absolutely! VeeMind offers real-time live reports, giving HR leaders and CEOs insights into the current state of leadership within the organization.

Yes, VeeMind offers comprehensive customer support and training to ensure that organizations make the most of the software's capabilities and achieve optimal results.

Yes, VeeMind can be tailored to suit your organization's unique requirements, aligning with your specific leadership goals and initiatives.