VeeMind and company companions GmbH: A Partnership That Will Build the Future in Consulting and Leadership Development

VeeMind and company companions GmbH: A Partnership That Will Build the Future in Consulting and Leadership Development

At VeeMind, we’ve always strived to bring the best in leadership development to our clients. We believe in continuous growth, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with company companions.

Together we are continuing building future-oriented tools to enhance data-driven leadership insights and create a culture of effective leadership to boost productivity, retain top talent and reduce employee turnover for our clients. 

With more than 14 years of experience in strategy consulting, organizational development and leadership culture, company companions created a portfolio of trustworthiness and excellence in the world of consulting. Their expertise lies in more than just crafting strategies – they are seen as companions by their clients and have been able to craft this reputation as their trade mark. 

We are grateful to have them as companions on our own journey of transformation.

Why This Partnership Matters.

At VeeMind, we’ve always been driven by the desire to offer our clients the very best in leadership development, consultancy, and transformative solutions. 

Our partnership with company companions is a testament to that commitment.

In this partnership we are providing company companions with precise data, enabling them to gain deeper insights into leadership challenges. These insights are invaluable as they work alongside organizations to drive meaningful change.

In return, VeeMind gains access to company companions’ extensive content library, filled with tips, tricks, behavioral patterns of managers, and up to date insight about leadership dynamics. This valuable resource enriches our software and empowers every manager and the HR department directly by our growing content library, pattern recognition and recommendations they will receive.

Together with company companions, we will not only have improved capabilities in consulting but also provide our clients with an unparalleled depth of expertise. With this collaboration we will be able to focus on the DACH market primarily and we are convinced to have the best partner possible on our side who supports innovations and helps us recognize future trends early. 

Moving Forward Together.

As we start on this collaboration, our dedication remains singular – to provide exceptional value to our clients, merging VeeMind’s technological prowess with company companions holistic consultancy approach.

Growth is about building dynamic synergies, aligning forces, and opening new pathways that redefine the horizons of excellence. And when we grow, our clients grow.

In conclusion, we’re embarking on a long term journey of growth, innovation, and transformative solutions. The partnership signifies a new era of consultancy and services for leadership development. Together we are pioneering to find out how to make leadership development as innovative and transformative as possible, as well as making it accessible to everyone.

About company companions!

company companions is a dynamic and successful consulting firm for leadership and strategic issues as well as corporate culture with clients of large mid-sized companies. Their approach fundamentally differs from other consultancies - both in methodology and in effectiveness. As permanent sparring partners, they provide “unvarnished” assessment and support their clients long-term, instead of working through individual projects. 

company companions GmbH 

Heimhuder Str. 39

20148 Hamburg

Felix Sander, October 23, 2023